Bank loan without a salary certificate is it possible?

Banks have a restrictive approach to estimating and checking customer creditworthiness. Therefore, in most cases, when applying for a loan from a bank, a certificate of income should be presented. Can I take a loan without such documents?


Quick loan without certificates.

Quick loan without certificates.

Banks offer loans without earnings certificates, although these are not loans without an assessment of creditworthiness and creditworthiness. These certificates are replaced e.g. with the history of the bank account or confirmation of the submission. 


A popular banking product

A popular banking product

Cash loan is a product that you can find in practice in almost every bank. It allows the implementation of any credit purposes and in this respect resembles a cash loan granted in a non-bank system.

With cash loans, banks check the customer’s credit history at the Credit Information Bureau and calculate their creditworthiness. Most often, such calculations are carried out on the basis of earnings certificates of the potential borrower. However, there is a chance to get a loan from the bank and not have to provide such certification.


Other grounds for granting the loan

Other grounds for granting the loan

Not only the earnings certificate can allow the bank to estimate the customer’s creditworthiness. If it is a person who has a long history of cooperation with a given banking institution, the verification can be carried out using the account history. In this case, the customer can even count on a loan without certificates , because the bank after applying for a loan will simply reach for the history of operations performed on the borrower’s bank account. If the receipts are high enough for outgoing transfers or standing orders, then most likely such a customer will have creditworthiness.


Even if the customer does not have an account at the bank in which he is applying for a loan, he can make such a commitment by submitting together with the loan application an extract from the last few months of the account history in another bank. Sometimes you will need an extract from just the last 3 months to get a cash loan.


You can also take a bank loan based on your tax return. The bank asks the client submitting the loan application to attach to it an attachment in the form of a copy of the tax return submitted to the tax office. This is a source of information about a person’s annual income, which is why it can be used to estimate creditworthiness just as effectively as a certificate of income.

Mortgage and home construction loan – not necessarily the same product


The purchase of a flat or single-family house and the construction of a residential property are investments that involve high costs. They can be covered with a loan, and most often it is a mortgage. A dedicated loan product for home builders is a home construction loan. Are both loans different?


Home construction loan – how is it different from a mortgage?

Home construction loan - how is it different from a mortgage?

A mortgage is easier to obtain, does not require so many formalities and is usually paid once by the bank . A construction loan also usually has a mortgage security, but requires the submission of several construction documents along with the loan application , and the payment is made in tranches. 


Universal use of a mortgage

Universal use of a mortgage

A characteristic feature of a mortgage is that it is incurred for housing purposes and the collateral for repayment is the entry of a mortgage for the bank in the land and mortgage register of the real estate. Mortgage loan incl. We will finance:


  • purchase of an apartment on the secondary or primary market,
  • purchase of a single-family house,
  • purchase of cooperative rights to premises,
  • purchase of a construction plot, etc.

It is clear that the mortgage can be used in a number of different ways, but the purpose of the loan should be indicated in the loan application and in the loan agreement.


Loan for building a house – one goal

Loan for building a house - one goal


On the other hand, when taking a loan to build a house, the bank obliges the borrower to use the loan in this way.


Formal procedures


What distinguishes a mortgage from a home construction loan is the formal procedure. Banks with construction loans require submitting more attachments. In addition to certificates confirming the client’s financial standing and allowing the assessment of his creditworthiness, construction documents are required for a home construction loan, including:

  • building and land development conditions,
  • building permit with a stamp,
  • construction project,
  • construction diary with the entry of the construction manager,
  • estimate,
  • valuation of an appraiser or bank employee.

All procedures related to taking and using a loan to build a house are more complicated than in the case of a mortgage. With a mortgage, the bank pays money from the loan to the seller of the house or flat, and the property purchase transaction can be closed in a relatively short time. On the other hand, servicing a loan for building a house lasts for years. All because the mortgage is usually issued once, and the loan for building a house is paid in tranches, along with the progress of works, which are monitored by an inspection sent from the bank.