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What benefits does the borrower have for a consumer loan?

  Consumer credit is a special type of loan that has been fully regulated, granting it rights, r

Conditions for obtaining a cash loan

A cash loan from a bank or credit unions is intended for customers who have a sufficiently high credi

What parameters determine the cost of a loan?

  The cost of credit consists of expenses related to interest, depending, among others on the am

What are the obligations of the loan guarantor?

The way to guarantee a credit obligation is a guarantee. What is it and what are the obligations of t

Loan rolling – what is it and what does it consist of?

Difficulties in loan repayment do not have to be due to negligence or poor budget management. Life ci

Bank loan without a salary certificate is it possible?

Banks have a restrictive approach to estimating and checking customer creditworthiness. Therefore, in

Mortgage and home construction loan – not necessarily the same product

  The purchase of a flat or single-family house and the construction of a residential property a